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Request to join:

01. Franchisee must possess a high level of brand awareness linked to the operation of the legs. Agree to the operation of modern management model. With good local reputation and goodwill.
02. According to the local market, the specific circumstances (such as market size, the concept of consumption, purchasing power, the rent of commercial premises, the economic level, etc.). Asked the operators to have the ability to fund.
03. Operated by the local shops to choose high-grade material Decoration of the home market or operating area of not less than 60M2.
04. With the company's operating management to maintain brand image.

Prior to joining procedures:

    To join in a comprehensive understanding of the company, brand and product situation. If the intention to join, the program can look forward to joining the EU wooden doors.

  • Consulting sales policy, an exchange of views.
  • Obtain and fill out the application form to join.
  • Investors to submit relevant information.
  • To choose whether to join the address of the store, geographic position, the store's floor plan to fax.
  • Visit registered company.
  • On to join to carry out a comprehensive assessment, signed a contract to join.
  • Companies to provide free programs and decorating stores, and scheduling the selected model.
  • To help companies planning, training, orders and publicity campaigns in preparations for the opening.
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