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    I hope that the EU-Hangzhou Co., Ltd. is located in Renjiedeling, the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou, China, the excellent geographical location. Away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, 5 km, transportation, logistics is very convenient.
     I hope that the European R & D focus on the wooden doors, production, cutting-edge technology of solid wood doors, wooden door in one of the modern enterprise. I hope that the EU has committed to the development of new products. At present, the 300 has a number of varieties, also continues to introduce new R & D in line with the fashion trend of high-end quality products.
Since its inception the company has always attached importance to quality. To insist on market demand, product innovation as a means of customer satisfaction as the goal, at the same time effectively control the moisture balance of wood to make wooden structure more stable, durable, and meet in different parts of the climate and environment Request.
Through strict management efforts. I hope the EU in 2006 passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality standard certification system. Enterprises become more standardized quality control. The quality of products and a new level. Enterprises in 2007 was elected as Chinese goods Institute Unit director, at the same time be "high-quality and high standards", "Chinese green products", "Chinese famous brand" and so on.
     Faced with all kinds of honorary title, I hope stay in Europe, in order to maintain sustainable development of the potential to further develop domestic and international markets. "People-oriented" of "human management." Form a powerful forward drive business for wood A contribution to the development of the business on its own strength.

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